What info am I required to give?

You are required in the regulations to supply the following information:

1. school year for which notification is being made;whatInfoDoIHaveToGive

2. name and address of parent;

3. name and address of person teaching the child, if other than the parent;

4. full name and birthdate of the child/ren;

5. assurance that the required topics will be included:

(a) language; reading, spelling, and writing;

(b) geography, history of the U.S. and Ohio; and national, state and local government;

c) mathematics;

(d) science;

(e) health;

(f) physical education;

(g) fine arts, including music; and

(h) first aid, safety, and fire prevention;

6. brief outline of intended curriculum (provided for informational purposes only);

7. a list of textbooks, courses, OR other basic teaching materials (provided for informational purposes only);

8. assurance that the parent will provide 900 hours of home education;

9. assurance of the teacher’s (parent’s/designated party’s) qualifications:

(a) high school diploma; or

(b) certificate of high school equivalence; or

c) standardized test scores that demonstrate high
school equivalence; or

(d) other equivalent credential found appropriate by
the superintendent; or

(e) lacking the above, the home teacher must work
under the direction of a person holding a baccalaureate degree from a recognized college until the child/ren’s test results demonstrate reasonable proficiency or until the home teacher obtains a high school diploma or certificate of high school equivalence.

10. the signature of the parent, which affirms the information provided.