Does my child have to take an achievement test?

When you first start homeschooling, you notify the superintendent and no baseline testing needs to be submitted nor can it be requested by the DoesMyChildHaveToTakeAchievementTestsuperintendent. If you intend to continue homeschooling, the next year when you submit your notification you will also submit an end-of-year assessment. You are required to supply an assessment together with your notification; do not send them separately. Make sure to put your child’s name and birthdate on the assessment so that should it get lost from the notification, they can match them back up. The purpose of the assessment is to show whether your child needs remediation. The standard used is “reasonable proficiency”, which means an overall composite score of at least 25th percentile. The standard for the written narrative, or portfolio review, is “progress in accordance with the child’s abilities”.

There are three methods of assessment from which to choose:

(1) results of a nationally-normed standardized achievement testing, (the Ohio Proficiency Test is not a nationally-normed test and would not comply under this option); OR

(2) written narrative prepared by:

(i) an Ohio-certified teacher, who has reviewed a portfolio of samples of the child’s work; OR

(ii) other person mutually agreed upon by the parent and superintendent; OR

(3) any alternate assessment mutually agreed upon by the parent and the superintendent.

Only the overall composite score from the achievement test needs to be supplied–not the detail. If you choose the written narrative, there is a form, “Academic Assessment Report”, that provides the necessary information. Your homeschool support group can provide the names of Ohio-certified teachers who can perform portfolio reviews and will provide you with this form.